Find in Spain = Information = Retirement

Everyone knows that Spain is a great holiday destination; however, it is also a great retirement location.

Retiring to Spain requires some homework in advance. Thanks to Park La Posada working alongside their UK agents, Costa Difference, they have developed a self-help, non-lucrative visa support system to help people become residents in Spain.

However, before getting to that stage, it is always best to explore the area where you want to call home one day by enjoying some holidays before you retire. You will find some great car hire deals at the airport

It does not matter if you are going to Spain on holiday or to live, everyone likes to save money.  There is no better way of saving money when you transfer GBP £ to Euro € to cover spending money than using Revolut. 

Revolut is a top-up credit card that does not charge you a bean to exchange your Pounds for Euros. You get the full exchange rate and no fees. The card is managed using an app on your smartphone. Click on the visa card, enter your mobile number, and you are good to go. No more poor exchange rates or transaction fees.

For bigger transfers, it has to be with Transferwise. From your UK bank to your Spanish bank in seconds and again at the full rate. Transferwise charge a small fee which you see every time you set up a transfer. 

If you upgrade your Revolut card, it comes with one big advantage, travel insurance. You can also draw more in cash every month. This system is ideal for anyone with a holiday home in Spain, come and go as you please, the app will know when you are on holiday, and then you are covered.

how to retire to Spain

Retiring to Spain sounds easy, but unless you are planning on retiring to live in a dedicated residential park such as Park La Posada, you will need to do your homework. In Park La Posada, they take care of all the formalities, which is why it is not so difficult if you are planning to live there.

The best place to start checking out the facts is the British Embassy’s Facebook group page. With so much disinformation around now, it is best to get the real facts from the people who know best. 

One other great place for information is Citizens Advice, and yes they are in Spain. They cover every topic, and the information is always being updated as rules change. Keeping information up to date is so important right now.

To show you what we mean, Park La Posada hires a translator whose job is to register all new residents in Spain.  This is a free service they offer, and the translator has to react to all the rule changes in real-time. New residents do not see all this as it is done behind the scenes.