Airport – Car rental – Spain

Hire a car in Spain easily

All the airports listed above offer great car hire deals. Click on the link and let the search engine find you a deal. For peace of mind, it will also offer zero excess deals as well.

Out of season, you will be amazed at the prices. This is because the cars are better being used on the road than parked up in their hundreds. It costs money to have cars parked up doing nothing.

The road network in Spain is generally good, so there is no need to hire anything fancy. Most people hire a set of “wheels” so they can explore the area.

Spain has cottoned onto speed cameras, so it is always best to stick to the speed limits. Fines will catch up with you if in a hire car.

Automatic cars tend to be fewer in choice and more expensive. For larger parties, the 8 seater cars are great value, and more and more suppliers are stocking them these days.