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Short summary

Having changed your UK driving licence to Spanish the worst thing that could happen is that it becomes lost or stolen.

If, happy to get the problem sorted yourself then the link above has all the information for you. In the case of stolen you will need to report it stolen first.

You need a copy of the “denouncia” when applying for a replacement Spanish driving licence that has been stolen.

Long summary

If attending Trafico in person they will give you a temporary “permission to drive” document that lasts for three months. Within that period you should get your replacement driving licence in the post. 

There is a second option though if you do not want the hassle of going to Trafico yourself. In most towns, there will be a “Gestor” who deals with Trafico on the client’s behalf. Usually, it is for change of ownership of cars. They do however also deal with replacement driving licences.

In the case of lost or stolen licences, there is no need to retake the medical. 

The cost of using a Gestor is around 50 to 60 Euros in total. The time it will take to get a replacement licence remains the same.

They will collect your temporary permission document for you when submitting the application on your behalf.

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