Getting low cost flight deals out of season

Getting low cost flight deals: Some useful tricks to help you. Article code LCF

This trick seems to work when booking low cost flights in advance between Jan 10th and May 31st and 1st of October and the 7th of December not including half term or bank holidays.

So, what is the trick? If you want to fly to Spain on the 13 March from the UK and it is a Thursday for example, you need to type in Monday the 10th of March as the date you want to fly on the low-cost airlines website or Skyscanner.Net. If it is Wednesday the 16th of October you want to fly you would type in Sunday the 13th of October. Never choose a Saturday.

Why?, because it will always be assumed that you need to travel on the date you have entered and so even if the flight is completely empty there is a risk of a “chance your arm” price being displayed.

As soon as the price has been displayed however hit the three-day view and see what the prices are three days either side. There is a very good chance the day you really want to fly will be cheaper because true market forces will then kick in. If it is more expensive then there has to be a reason why the flight is in demand, stag or hen parties for example and a reason to avoid the flight.

This trick only works when booking out of season and in advance.

Low cost flight tricks

Everyone knows of course that booking low cost flights well in advance is risky because they are non-refundable. That is where the next trick comes in. Book annual travel insurance which is many times cheaper than booking for individual trips. In the event you cannot fly for genuine reasons you will get your money back in full. A win win situation, saving money on flights, saving money on travel insurance and no risk in booking flights early.

The demand for low cost flights have also bought the big boys into the game and they should not be ignored. BA for example has never been considered as a low-cost airline but on many occasions they come out cheaper for short haul flights when using a price comparison site booking well in advance. This is because they are using the price comparison site to compete with the low-cost airlines without getting a low-cost reputation via their own website.

The same goes for airlines running strange routes. Norwegian Air run from Malaga to Gatwick for example, a very long way from Norway in either direction, but quite often at very good prices out of season.

So, what happens if you need to travel in season? This happens to teachers all over the world. The example we can give is Easter. Priority one, book as early as you can. Then use one more trick up your sleeve, try and book a going out flight as close as you can to finishing work allowing enough time to get to the airport of course. Then book the return flight for the Easter Sunday using the three-day trick rule of course because the demand to go back Easter Sunday will be lower.

Remember, this is all about booking early and booking crafty. It is also best out of season.


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