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Finding the perfect location for your holiday getaway to suit everyone’s need can be difficult. The white sandy beaches of Costa del Sol are an easy solution to this problem, offering you a lively nightlife and a wide range of other activities including an Aquapark, a safari, a zoo, a world renown golf course and more. The next question you need to ask yourself is: what accommodation best suits my needs and budget?

The first thing that comes to mind when booking a place to stay in another country are hotels. Popular hotel booking websites include,, and These websites allow for you to browse through a variety of hotels and narrow down your search by using helpful filters with one easy step.

Not only can you find a great accommodation, but these websites will also allow you to browse and book other services needed for your stay, such as plane tickets, cruises, rental cars and travel insurance. Some of them also offer rewards and extra discounts on some occasions so it might be a good option to look into it.

If you are looking to rent a villa with a private pool or even a small apartment for a total Spanish experience in one of the many cities on the coast, is the website for you! is a great alternative to hotels with its budget-friendly accommodations that offer comfort and flexibility for travelers. A key benefit in staying in these types of accommodations is having access to your own kitchen., and apartments in Spain

There are a variety of authentic markets in the region where you can pick up fresh local produce. Being able to prepare your own food can not only help you save, but also provides an opportunity for you to experiment with Spanish cuisine from the comfort of your own kitchen. offers a variety of rentals to fit your needs.

The website also offers great last-minute deals for that long overdue lover’s escapade you kept on postponing. What is great about is that the website focuses solely on Spain unlike other universal platforms, which are spread out globally. This can provide some peace of mind when booking your accommodation, knowing that you are relying on a website focused on finding the best travel experience Spain can offer.

Airbnb is another platform that makes it possible to rent apartments and houses from private individuals in cities across the world. It offers the same benefits as booking a rental on but gives you the option to rent private rooms as well which is great if on a budget. This is an ideal choice for travelers who are simply looking for a place to sleep while traveling throughout the country. Airbnb also provides flexibility when booking accommodations, allowing you to book a place for even just a few nights, before heading to a new city.

This option is ideal for travelers looking to backpack through Costa del Sol or just looking to enjoy the many sights, while keeping to your budget.

The last website is, this local website gives you access to all the information you need for your stay in Costa del Sol. Not only does it offer various accommodations, but it also provides tips on a variety of topics such as transportation, culture, cuisine, museums and much more. Even if you don’t end up using to book your holiday, it is a great website to deepen your knowledge on Costa del Sol before your future stay.

The recipe for a great holiday therefore is making sure it is well planned and meets your needs, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. With these options, there is something for every traveler. At the end of the day, you are planning a holiday getaway in one of the most breathtaking regions in the world. You shouldn’t lose sleep over finding a suitable location for you to lay back and relax while sunbathing under the Spanish sky.


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