Lobster Mobile for ex-pats in Spain

Lobster mobile sim cards

The Lobster mobile service in Spain is perfect for ex-pats to use because it gives you a Spanish mobile number with free calls in Spain and the UK. Better still is that if you do not need it for any time, you suspend the service online but keep the number.

Findinspain is here to help you get the deal you want. The first HUGE advantage is that everything is done in English

So why perfect for ex-pats? First and foremost, it is a service you can turn on and turn off and always keep your number. When you are in Spain, you have a Spanish mobile, when you are not in Spain or you do not need to use the service you stop paying for one but still keep the number. How perfect is that?

  • Very reasonable prices starting at only 12€ a month.
  • No long term contract
  • FREE calls to the UK and in Spain.
  • When you are not in Spain, you can switch it off and stop paying.

When you get back to Spain, you log in online to switch the number back on and resume the service. Free calls and texts plus not paying for the service when it is not needed.

Spanish mobile phone companies might be able to match the prices, but only LOBSTER will deal with you in English and allow you to suspend the service whenever you need to?

Want more good news? You can switch plans using the online control panel so if you find you have underestimated no problem.

Would you like more good news? Findinspain working with Costa Difference have a way of sending you your new Lobster sim card whilst in the UK before you get to Spain. 

You can have your Spanish sim card sorted before getting to Spain and working the moment you arrive provided your phone is unlocked. Get the sim card sent to you, insert it into the phone, activate it and then use it.

How to order a Lobster Mobile sim card for Spain

To get your hands on a sim card from a mobile service provider in Spain that is perfect for ex-pats, we will need a few details.

  1. You need an address in Spain to register. We can, however, send the sim card to a UK address if you are not currently in Spain. Get connected before you arrive.
  2. You need to provide either a valid passport number or NIE with your date of birth.
  3. You will need the means of paying the first month. If you do not have a Spanish bank card already not a problem because both Transferwise and Revolut offer full exchange rate cards which means you can use GBP to start with and let the card exchange it into Euros.

Ready to order your new sim card? Is your phone unlocked? Chosen which data plan you need? Got your Spanish address ready? ID number to hand? Credit or debit card details for one month’s subscription ready?

Then you are good to go to start enjoying free calls and texts in the UK and EU once your sim arrives.

Choose which package you would like and click order now. You will need to enter all the details required during the order and checkout process. The sim card will be dispatched soon after.

Order now 12€

8GB data per month sim with free EU and UK calls and texts.

Order now 18€

18GB data per month sim with free EU and UK calls and texts.

Order now 24€

35GB data per month sim with free EU and UK calls and texts.

Lobster mobile general terms in English 

No contract; cancel any time. Allowance starts once the card is activated.