Mobile phones in Spain in English

English mobile phones in Spain

Once in Spain using your UK mobile phone can get expensive if you have not got a sim card that gives free calls and allows you your data within Europe. The best option is to get a Spanish sim card from a provider in Spain. You have many to choose from and all offering various deals. The biggest problem is the language.

To get around the problem, you can always go into one of the many phone shops found in every town or hypermarket in the hope they speak English.

The good news, however, is that there is a company in Spain that does everything in English and provides free calls within Spain and to the UK. Unlimited calls and texts are included with every package. The name of the company is Lobster, and with them, you will do everything from start to finish in English. They are a dream company for ex-pats.

To be able to use their service you will need an unlocked phone. If wanting to keep your UK number for receiving messages (such as banking app tokens) you might want to consider buying an unlocked dual sim phone, they are not that expensive in Spain.

Lobster mobile sim cards

If you know you are going to be moving to Spain soon, how about this for an idea. Order your Lobster sim card in advance. First, choose how much data you would like to have each month (all plans include unlimited calls and texts in the UK and Spain) and you have three plans to choose from. 6GB for 12€ a month, 15GB for 18€ a month and 30GB for 24€ a month.

Now the good news, there are no commitments, and you can manage everything online. The service is flexible; you can cancel any time. You can even turn the number off and stop paying until you need it again if you want and all done using the online control panel. Turning it back on again when you need it only requires you to switch it back on again in the website control panel.

This system of mobile number control is wonderful for ex-pats who go back to the UK for longer periods; you will not be paying for a mobile phone service that you are not using.

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