New park homes

New park home in Spain

With new park homes, you have choices. You can order a pre-designed model and then choose materials and colours inside and out or have a custom-built park home built to your exact requirements.

Predesigned models include the Ascot, Windsor, Sandringham and Solero and you can find more information about those on the website. Park La Posada usually has a show home on display so visitors can see the quality for themselves.

The one big advantage with show homes is that the home is already in place and you do not have to wait the 12 weeks it takes to build one. To see what a show home is like take a look at the video below. The model is the Sandringham model and is 12m x 4m with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Park homes are nothing like mobile homes. The grey slates on the outside are real slate and not plastic. The walls are 60mm thick with insulated foam sandwiched between either side.

Inside the home, you will find nothing but standard building materials, real wooden doors, custom-fitted kitchens, and normal units and furniture. The bathrooms are also normal bathrooms that you do not need to squeeze into.

A top of the range mobile home will cost about the same, but for sure it is not built the same. Park homes do not use spacers to keep everything in place.

Windsor park home bedroom

Nothing shows off the advantage of a park home better than the photo above. The Windsor and the Sandringham use the same master bedroom arrangement. The bedroom is a full four metres wide and on the right is a walk-in wardrobe and on the left is a full en-suite bathroom with shower.

Space is what sets a park home apart from a mobile home. The main reason is that all park homes can have a side POD added which adds a room to the home without altering the length.

Currently, there are a few plots left in Park La Posada for new park homes, and soon Alhambra Park will be open offering at least 50 more. Alhambra Park is near Alicante, which means lower transport costs as that is where they are built. 

Park home prices range from £58,000 to £65,000 based on an exchange rate of 1.10 Euros to the Pound.