Non Lucrative Visa for Spain

Retiring to Spain requires a bit more planning since the UK has left the EU. Before you can retire to Spain, you will need to apply for a Non-Lucrative Visa (NLV) at your nearest Spanish consulate in the UK.  There are three to choose from, London, Manchester or Edinburgh. 

The process involves visa application forms submitted in Spanish, proof of financial means (can be a combination of pensions and savings), an ACRO certificate (police record check), a medical certificate (in Spanish) and setting up suitable health insurance cover. Certain documents will also need to be legally translated into Spanish.

Costa Difference Park Homes and Park La Posada residential retirement park have put together a complimentary self-help NLV support service originally designed to help future residents retire to Spain.

However, from the 1st of May 2021, their complimentary self-help service has been made available to anyone wanting to retire to Spain. They will tell you exactly where you can get each stage required for a Non-Lucrative visa covered. 

With a team member in Spain guiding you through each process initially, you should only need experts to deal with the legalised translations and complete the application forms in Spanish, ready for the consulate once you are good to go. 

Walking on a beach in Spain

IMPORTANT: Since the first of Jan 2021, you need a visa BEFORE going to Spain for longer than 90 days if you do not have residencia already. 90 days the maximum time you can stay in Spain as a tourist without a visa, and after the 90 days is up, you cannot return for a further 90 days.

Also, you cannot apply for your NON-Lucrative visa if already in Spain either; it must be applied for in-person in your official country of residence before planning on exceeding a 90-day stay.

That is why their complimentary self-help service before retiring to Spain is so valuable. You will be made aware of all the processes, the order you need to do them in and the cost of each separate process before doing anything. Using the self-help system you can plan your retirement months in advance to be sure everything will go to plan. 

Ready to begin your journey to Spain? Would you like some help and guidance first? Click here to enter your details, and a team member will be assigned to help you.