Previously owned mobile homes

Resale mobile homes

Resale mobile homes started to be offered around the turn of the century as more mobile home parks were established. Before that, you could only buy new from the two UK companies that operated in Spain at the time.

Today thanks to the resale mobile home market you have more mobile home parks and more companies to choose from.

Resale mobile homes can be found in two very different types of parks, joint camping/mobile home parks, and dedicated residential mobile home parks. Prime examples are Valle Niza Camping near Torre del Mar and Park La Posada near Antequera.

Camping Valle Niza is as the name suggests a campsite near a beach with mobile home areas and Park La Posada is a dedicated residential mobile home park for the over 50’s that is part of the local Spanish community. Each park offering a very different lifestyle.

99% of the resale mobile homes in Spain on offer were manufactured in the UK. Makes range from Atlas all the way to Willerby. The prices reflect the costs involved in getting them here, of course.

It is also fair to say that the decking areas will be different depending on which park it is on. On campsites, you should expect smaller plot sizes due to the higher cost per square metre park fees. On residential parks, homes tend to be on 200 square metre plots.

200 square metres allows the owners to build 40 square metres of decking area, and if on a residential park the chances are the side decking will be enclosed.

The biggest difference, however, between UK parks and Spanish parks are the rules regarding the age of the home. In Spain, the home can stay in a park and be resold in the park provided it has been maintained and is in good condition. Homes being sold over 15 years old is common here in Spain and are great value.

Willerby Linear resale mobile home

The only important thing to remember when buying an older mobile home is that all the appliances are as old as the home usually. If the home has central heating (such as the Willerby Linear), then the combi boiler will be the same age.

Because central heating is only needed for a limited time in Spain there is a cheap solution should you be unlucky having purchased an older home and the boiler is condemned soon afterwards. Replace the combi-boiler with an electric boiler to heat the water only and use the aircon installed for heating.  This option is also cheaper to run.

When looking at a resale mobile home that is over 15 years old factor in £2500 to pay for issues that you cannot see or to cover sod’s law events that happen soon after moving in, if you have allowed for it in advance you will not be so gutted should anything go wrong.