Previously owned park homes

Resale park homes

Resale park homes in Spain are very different from resale mobile homes. Resale park homes are all built for residential use so you will not find many (if at all) at a campsite. 

Residential parks will be the locations offering resale park homes, and as a rule, they will all be less than 10 years old. Paradise Park on the Costa Blanca was the first park to allow custom-built park homes.

Park La Posada dedicated the final phase (phase three) to park homes in 2016, which means any park home for sale in that park will be reasonably new.

Resale park homes come in two forms, homes that were built to the owners’ specifications or predesigned models such as the Windsor and Sandringham.

With everything in the home reasonably new, there is no need to factor in so much to cover what if. £1000 should be plenty and again probably not needed down to the age of the park homes.

Inside a park home, it is very different from the UK manufactured mobile home. The home looks and feels much more solid. The flooring tends to be wooden, and the doors are all standard doors.

Park homes are residential, and when buying a resale home, the bonus will be in the decking. Park homeowners tend to design the decking to match the quality of the home.

Park home or mobile home? The first consideration is the quality, the park home will be streets ahead. The second consideration is the price, a mobile home will be older and cheaper.

What some people do is buy a mobile home first to see if they like living in Spain and when they realise they love it they resell the mobile home and buy a resale park home.

This option will cost around 3000-4000€ in added costs reselling the mobile home but it is a great way to make of switching to a park home after you have seen the benefits of living in a residential park in Spain. In many cases this is reduced by making an offer on the park home you like.

Windsor park home 2016

Resale park homes also offer much more living space. With park homes, you can add a side “POD” which adds up to 18 square metres. With French doors to the front, you also open up a summer evening zone and a winter sunshine zone. 

This works perfectly in residential parks because you do not have tourists walking past all the time. Privacy comes as standard in residential parks.