Taking your pet to Spain

Have you made your decision to come to Spain to retire? If so, the chances are that you will want to bring a pet with you. For many retirees considering making the move to the peninsula, the big consideration is whether or not a family pet can make the trip as well.

While it’s perfectly acceptable and possible to bring your pet with you to live in Spain, there are some things that you’ll need to take care of first and foremost to make sure that it can happen.

First off, you’ll need to get a pet passport. This is the most important part of bringing your pet to live with you. As Spain is in the EU, you will be able to get an EU Pet Passport that covers them for travel, either with you or on a separate flight within five days of your own flight.

You can download an information pack from the UK Government website (https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad) which gives you all the details you need about obtaining a passport and having the relevant process to follow.

While there is no application to actually go through for a Pet Passport, you need to complete some tests to make sure that the pet passport can actually be provided. This includes microchipping your pet for identification, vaccinations against rabies and specific blood tests.

All of this can be carried out at a veterinary clinic in the UK. When you get the all-clear on each of the tests, your pet will be given a certification that clears it for flying.

Taking your pet:

Next, you need to work out how your pet is going to travel with you. Going to Spain, you have two options – you can either take the ferry, or you can fly. Companies like Brittany Ferries provide transport on the PETS scheme – the scheme that allows the Pet Passport to be provided – to Spain, giving you access to and from Spain.

There are other companies out there that provide this service, but Brittany Ferries are the most frequent and cost-effective solution.

As you might imagine, flying with a pet can be quite an expense. You need to add on a fair amount for the excess costs, not to mention all the costs you’ve had so far from the vet in question.

The most high-end service you can go with is British Airways, so if you are flying you should be looking for a BA flight. Keep in mind you’ll need to pay for the crate that your pet will be transported in, however.

If none of this sounds too appealing to you financially, the cost-effective alternative to transporting your pet is to use a pet transport service. These are becoming more varied across the UK and there are several options out there for you.

There are so many names out there; EasypetUK, PetsforPets, PetsEuroTravel, PoshPets, trans-pet…these are just some of the most common options that you should look into.

This service takes care of literally everything for you – meaning that when you arrive in Spain, your pet won’t be too far behind. Usually with you in a matter of days of arrival, the company will deal with all the necessary legislation; vaccinations etc. and then bring the pet directly to you in Spain.

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