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Short summary

Spain now has fixed cameras everywhere plus many zones with average speed cameras. It is no longer a case of “will I get a speeding ticket” but “when” if speeding at any time. The good news is that if paid quickly you are offered a 50% discount in most cases.

The link above gives you all the information you need in English to deal with any fine received. It could be an on the spot fine given by the police at the time or through the post if caught on camera.

Long summary

Rule of thumb is that if under 20 km/h over the speed limit a fine is issued with no points. The higher you are over the limit the higher the fine and higher the points total deducted. In short, it is much cheaper and safer to stay within the speed limits.

The CAIXA BANK is the nominated bank to take payments for fines. This can be in the branch or online. If paying online it is VERY important to get the reference numbers 100% correct.

The DGT is committed to road safety and uses lots of different ways to control traffic. mobile cameras and unmarked cars carry no warnings. Fixed cameras and helicopters are usualy signaled on motorway gantries.

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